introducing the tabeca iPack (video)

With the tabeca - iPack you can carry your ipad comfortably and easily on your belt – conveniently concealed under your jacket and without hampering your ability to move. The unique design enables the intuitive removal and insertion with a distinctive “snap” sound that indicates without a doubt that the ipad is securely fastened. Keep your hands free while walking, riding a bike or sitting in a meeting - and still have your ipad nearby. The high-grade materials and wearing the ipad facing your back protects the display. The tight fit protects the tablet from unintended slipping or theft. The tabeca is incredibly useful - Patent pending.

tested under extreme conditions (video)

Tested under most extreme urban conditions - don't worry about scratching your display or having your iPad fall out the tabeca. It is actually better protected than we could ever hoped for.

the iPack rocks! (video)

Just in case you use AmpliTube or another a guitar amp and FX app and would like to take it on stage for live performance.

“Do I feel lucky?” Well do ya, punk? (video)

It is not a .44 Magnum - but still powerful if you want to pull out your iPad swiftly or put it aways once done. We also designed the case that a distinct "snap" sound indicates that your ipad is secured properly.